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The blessing of true love comes along once in a single lifetime. The Royal Pita Maha is where couples can celebrate the beginning of their shared destiny on the spiritually charged island of Bali. The resort offers a choice of romantic settings for an intimate wedding ceremony followed by an elegant reception.

A professional team is on hand at the resort to tailor a wedding that is nothing less than pure perfection. Every bridal couple deserves the very best for their treasured day for a Bali destination wedding shared with family and friends.

Please contact our dedicated Wedding Team at The Royal Pita Maha direct via Wedding Inquiry Form


Chapel Wedding

Jineng Chapel is an elegant wedding venue elevated over the tranquil beauty of the Ayung River Valley. It is an intimate space where couples in love can exchange their vows before a small gathering of family and friends. This charming glass structure is set within a garden courtyard in a private corner of the resort.

Please contact our dedicated Wedding Team at The Royal Pita Maha for Chapel Wedding direct via Wedding Inquiry Form
weddging chapelweddging chapelweddging chapel

Garden Wedding

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Romantic Candle Light Dinner with One Thousand Candles at Ayung Waters or Waterfall : Rp.4,500,000 net /couple

* Romantic Candle Light Dinner Menu : Click Here

* Free Transfer available for 2 people from/to Your Hotel only in Central Ubud (for outside guests)

* Romantic Candle Light Dinner Price is inclusive of 21% goverment tax and service charges.

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アユンウォーター会場ご案内  /  カダサヴィラ会場  /  ロイヤルハウスチャペル会場ご案内

詳しい内容とお問い合わせは、ブライズシーン まで。 お申し込みやお問い合わせ等は、ブライズシーン銀座ブライダルサロンのスタッフが対応いたします。
また、オンラインにて 資料請求・ご来店予約・お問い合わせ等のフォーム もご利用いただけます。

ブライズシーン 銀座ブライダルサロン(水曜定休・祝日営業)
東京都中央区銀座8-10-2 ルアンビル3F
TEL 0120-803-889 (日本国内のみ)
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At Royal Pita Maha, we are proud to be working in partnership with Australia's most renowned destination wedding organisation, Botanica Weddings, to ensure your wedding is the best, most stress-free day of your life.

Ayung River Gazebo
The Ayung River Gazebo is a picturesque spot where couples can commit to each other in a timeless Balinese environment. A heartfelt ceremony performed before an audience of loved ones promises to be a magical occasion to treasure always.


Kadasa Water Wedding Complex

As well as being utilized for celebrations of the heart, Kedasa Water Wedding Complex is a charming venue that welcomes groups for private dining events. It is the perfect environment to gather for lunch, dinner or afternoon tea against a backdrop of natural scenery. The hinterland breeze has a cooling effect over the entire setting as meals and refreshments are served.

To find out how you can have the destination wedding of your dreams at Bali's most breathtaking wedding venue, please contact Botanica's client services team direct via or check out their website at

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